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Walking in their Shoes  

Take a journey with one of our docents and explore life in America from the American Revolution through the Age of Industry.  Walk in the shoes of a 19th century miller and witness the transfer of power from the Mill’s water wheel to gears and pulleys that once ground grain into flour and talc into powder.  Imagine a quarryman hoisting a 16-pound sledge hammer, pounding a drill into rock, and igniting the dynamite that blasts the limestone from the face of the soaring cliff wall.  Envision America’s early settlers building the log cabin after clearing the land of trees, and then surviving solely by their own ability to farm and hunt.

At the Red Mill Museum Village, you can enhance your docent-led tour by by making special arrangements to visit with our blacksmith, illuminated by the glow of his forge, hammering handmade metal objects on his anvil.  

Group tours of twelve or more can be scheduled anytime throughout the year.  You can also enjoy discounts to many of our Special Weekend Events, including reenactments, concerts, and festivals.  See our Calendar pages for dates and times.  Contact (908)735-4101, ext. 100, or email: programs@theredmill.org  for rates and to schedule a tour.  

After your tour, take a stroll across the historic iron bridge, which affords the perfect view of the Mill dam and the Red Mill’s iconic waterwheel.   See first-hand why it’s the most photographed site in New Jersey! Explore Clinton’s Main Street, with its unique shops and excellent cafes and restaurants.  Or enjoy the afternoon at the Hunterdon Art Museum, housed in an old stone mill and featuring the work of contemporary regional artists.

Group Tours